My professional start with photography was at anime and comic conventions across the midwest.

Being an avid fan of anime and geek culture in general, cosplayers are subjects that I have great interest and investment in. When I shoot cosplay, my goal is not only to capture the brilliant craftsmanship and effort put into making the costume, but also to capture an image of the character being represented. 

Interested in having a shoot done of your latest costumes? Check the list below to see what conventions I'll be attending in the upcoming months. Booking information typically goes live at least one month before the start of the convention, and will be announced both on my Facebook page and my Tumblr blog.

  • Ohayocon 2017 (Columbus, OH | Jan 13-15)
  • Tekko 2017 (Pittsburgh, PA | Apr 6-9) TBA
  • Colossalcon 2017 (Sandusky, OH | June 1-4)
  • Anthrocon 2017 (Pittsburgh, PA | June 29 - July 2)

Did I photograph you at a con?

If I took a shot of you out and about at a con, I post all of those images on my Flickr account, here.